Earths Population Problem

The population of humans on Earth has surpassed 7 billion.  There is talk about the max population of humans that Earth can withstand.  What consequences will we all have if we get to this population limit?

Yes of course there is only a certain amount of resources and energy on our planet, so there is defiantly a limit that once surpassed will cause chaos.  Well one major idea contributing to this major population problem is the idea that its not about how many more people we have on this planet, but how greed these people are.

It is proven that low-income families do not consume as much as high-income families.  They just don’t have enough money to do so.  So if populations increase in low-income societies, than that might not be a big enough issue as it is if high-income societies populations increase.

The population of Earth’s limit threshold will all depend on how we as a world society decide to consume resources and use Earth as our home planet.  If we find ways to sacrifice and consume less than of course we can hold a greater population on Earth.  If as a society we choose to consume more than we actually need to survive, than the population limit on Earth will be lower.  It is up to us to figure out a way to hold this increasingly large population on Earth alive and comfortable.





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