How Do We Know Dark Matter is Real?

Dark Matter as I have discussed before is one of the major mysteries in the universe.  Do we even know if it is real?  Maybe scientists are just assuming that it is actually there, but maybe it isn’t.  Well it turns out there is a few ways to actually detect dark matter and prove that it exists.

Stepping back into middle school science, you can recall that any type of matter, even our own human bodies have a gravitational pull.  Yes, our bodies gravitational pull compared to large solar bodies is very very minimal.  But using these as evidence for dark matter is crucial.  One way to show the presence of dark matter is using a technique called gravitational lensing.  The idea of gravitational lensing Gravitatonal Lensing.jpgis to use telescopes, and focus in on distant galaxies with strange observings.  By this I mean that with less gravity near the edge of galaxies, stars and solar systems here should move slower than stars near the center of the galaxy.  When you find a galaxy with stars actually moving just as fast as those near the center than some type of mass is causing this reaction that we can’t see.  The gravity of this object is from dark matter.

Another way to detect dark matter is a particle physics examination.  Far underground, usually in an old mine shaft you take a chunk of material and have it sit underground, while being watched electronically.  If you didn’t know this, well as you sit and read this blog by me, us and our solar system is passing through dark matter at thousands of miles per second.  The concept is to closely watch this chunk of material until dark matter actually hits into it.  The reason why this experiment is done so far underground is so that the chunk of material isn’t affected by anything, like radioactivity.Search Dark Matter Mine.jpg

With these tests in proving dark matter, you have to clearly understand now that it exists!



One thought on “How Do We Know Dark Matter is Real?

  1. This is interesting and a difficult topic to cover. From what I have learned/heard, we can observe the existence of dark matter in our own galaxy. The center of the universe exhibits a force causing celestial bodies to move, but the further you move from the center, the less force is exhibited on these bodies and the harder it is to keep them rotating or spiraling away from the center, which is where dark matter (exhibits its own gravity) comes in and keeps the bodies rotating around the center.


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