How Far Can We Push Artificial Intelligence?

Over the past 50 years humans have had the ability and knowledge to greatly expand the complexity of artificial intelligence.  Today we have cars that drive and park themselves.  We have the ability to speak to a device and tell it when to turn on or off just my talking.  Artificial intelligence is part of computer science and figuring out certain algorithms and mathematical equations to solve a problem.  This is as far as we can understand artificial intelligence, because we as humans don’t actually know how to make a computer think like a human.  We only come up with different scenarios and code it to react to this certain cases, but their is always a what if possibility.  How far can we actually take artificial intelligence?

A.I. Human Brain.png

A recent article was published about a program that uses artificial intelligence to beat human players in a game of poker.  The algorithm for this program was designed by a team known as DeepStack and they implemented something called deep machine learning.  The process of deep machine learning and how it works is very complex and is only understood by highly educated computer scientists.  But the idea of it, is that over time the computer actually begins to teach itself based on previous decisions.  The computer actually begins to mimic a human brain and act the ways we as humans act.

With this deep machine learning the length that we can go with artificial intelligence might not be limited.  If we have the ability to code a computer with basic instructions on how to react to common instances, than when uncommon instances occur, it can react to them on its on.  The computer can actually begin to teach itself and learn from its past experiences.  I mean this is just incredible and the ability that we can use this technology is certainly limitless.  I personally think that the world we live in today, at some point in time will be completely run off of technology and the things we can create with computers.



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