Who is Charles Keeton?

Charles R. Keeton II is a astrophysicists professor at Rutgers University.  He is a NASA funded astrophysicists who began his career in astronomy at a very young age.  During middle school and high school he fantasied and loved the idea and concept about the universe and all that it in tailed.  He began by taking advanced Math and Science courses at his high school to prepare him for his studies in college.

Professor Keeton went to a small university that actually didn’t offer a direct major in astronomy.  This disappointed him greatly, but this then lead him to major and get a degree in physics, which had sub classes that allowed for him to study astronomy and cosmology while earning his degree.  Charles Keeton with his degree found an interest in the topic regarding dark matter.

Professor Keeton uses a techniqueDark Matter.jpg called gravitational lensing to detect the amount of dark matter in the universe.  Dark matter is a big mystery to the entire physics and astronomy communities.  It is matter that actually makes up 80% of mass in the universe.  This matter is something that can not be seen and can only be detected in the X-ray part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Dark matter is everything that fills in the areas between galaxies and solar systems.  It has been detected using gravitational lensing but so much is unknown about it.

Charles Keeton found enormous interest in dark matter because of the lack of knowledge that we know about it today.  Keeton thought that this was a great opportunity to explore because of how little we know about dark matter.  This can only mean that as more and more research is done on this topic we can only gain more insight on what it really is.

Charles Keeton has been an amazing astrophysics and contributed greatly to his field.  He was also a great professor to me, as I had taken a course with him during Fall of 2015.  Continuing his work regarding dark matter, Keeton speaks on how lucky he is to have followed his dream and to actually make a career out of it.  Keeton follows up by proclaiming that everyone should go after what they love, and to never let go of their dream.



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