Life In Our Own Solar System

Life on Mars.jpg

Searching for life in the universe is the biggest mystery to come across humans’ minds.  Always wondering what else might be out there?  And whether we are alone in the universe or do we share this mystery dimension with some other life?  Usually when we think about life that possibly is in the universe we think about life far and millions of light years away.  But the real interesting fact is that their might be life in our very own solar system, distances that may only be a few years away.

If you heard about life in our solar system, then you probably heard its possibility on the planet Mars.  Life on Mars has been the topic of astronomy for hundreds of years.  Though with the missions that have been sent to Mars, no actual evidence has shown that life currently exists on the red planet.  Mars has shown signs of possible previous life that could have sustained millionslife-on-mars-with-sun of years ago.  Current missions have shown that their is ice water trapped beneath the surface and at the polar caps.  These are future places to study and send mission too because their might be micro living life in the ice.

The next search for life in our own solar system could possibly be on the moons of Jupiter.  Jupiter is my personal favorite planet because of its’ mass size and the fact that nothing that we know of can survive under its pressure.  Jupiter has a total off 63 moons, the most moons a planet in our solar system has.  Europa is one of Jupiter’s largest moons and this moon is similar to an entire moon ice rink.  The moon is has the characteristics similar to the Antarctic ice caps.  The Antarctic ice caps have shown life to live inside the ice below where the water is still a liquid.  This can be true for Europa because of how close Europa is to Jupiter, it gets tidally heated.  This melts the ice below the surface leading to an under the surface ocean that can be full of life.

Life in the universe is almost guaranteed by scientist and astrophysicists.  The idea that life can be in our very own backyard instead of countries far away is astounding and amazing.  Next time you look up at the stars above, don’t think other life may be so far away.  Instead think that other life may only be a few planets away.







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