First blog post- The Odds of Other Life

The big question haunting and making every human being wonder is whether we truly are alone in the universe.  Astrophysicists and scientists have been coming up with ways to really find out if we are alone in this vast and continuously growing universe.  The Fermi Paradox is a theory on the odds of other intelligent and civilized life forms in the universe.

us-in-the-milky-way         The Fermi Paradox is a great explanation of how we might not be alone in the universe, yet we haven’t found any traces of other intelligent life forms.  It is a proven fact that in every galaxy there is roughly 100 billion stars.  Just in one galaxy there is that many stars!  Now think about how many stars there are in 100 billion galaxies because at this point in time, that’s about the amount of galaxies we can see with current telescopes.  Now just in one galaxy it is estimated that 10% of stars in that single galaxy are similar to a star like our own, the Sun.

The Fermi Paradox explains that out of those 100 billion billion stars in the universe that are like our own, some are host to planets that are in a habitable zone like Earth.  A habitable zone is a zone where a planet orbits a star that is just a perfect distance away from the star to host life.  Even 1% of planets out of those 100 billion billion stars would mean that there is 100 million billion Earth like planets.

Albert Einstein on life.jpg

Out of those 100 million billion planets like Earth, life must have arose on at least one of them.  And then this includes intelligent life.  But what haven’t we found them yet?  Well the Fermi Paradox explains that there is the possibility of intelligent life well beyond our knowledge and scale.  Earth has been around for 4.3 billion years, so a planet that is just a million years older with life on it would be mind blowing.

A civilization with intelligent life greater than our own may already know of our existence.  We may have been placed on Earth as a experiment and they are just watching us without us knowing.  All this may seem crazy but its always a possibility as said by the Fermi Paradox.  Another idea is that every civilization gets to a barrier, a barrier that almost always kills off the entire civilization, leaving no civilizations to get past a certain point in technology.  We might be the only civilization past that point, or out barrier is in our near future.

The point is that life outside of Earth is almost guaranteed.  Just because we haven’t found it doesn’t mean it isn’t there or was there.  Only time and the advance of technology will tell us what our future holds, and whether we truly are alone.



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